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Signs Of Pregnancy | Allamat Hamal | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Signs Of Pregnancy

Signs Of Pregnancy: Pregnancy is associated with number of physical and emotional changes, these signs and symposiums are due to hormonal changes and presence of growing fetus. Following are major signs of pregnancy listed shortly.
  1. Missing menstrual period
  2. Morning sickness:  It is nausea and vomiting occurring especially in morning but can occur at any time, it can be mild or severe, some smells and sights can start it.
  3. Mood changes
  4. Breast enlargement and tenderness, dark area around nipple called areola is increased in size and become dark in color, sometimes small lumps appear around areola called Montgomery’s tubercles.
  5. Heart burn, due to pressure of growing fetus on stomach
  6. Constipation:
  7. Frequents urination: due to pressure on bladder  or urinary tract infections
  8. Enlargement of abdomen
  9. Braxton hicks contractions: these is episodic  painless tightening of abdomen in early weeks of pregnancy
  10. Increased pigmentation of skin especially on neck, abdomen ,groins and armpits
  11. Styria gravid arum: These are stretch marks or lines  which appear on abdomen due to distension caused by growing baby
  12. Linea nigra: it is dark brown line extending from pubic area to umbilicus
  13. Itching
  14. Clear vaginal discharge
  15. Increased heart rate
  16. Fetal movements, these are felt around 4 or 5 months of pregnancy
  17. Ejection of milk or clear fluid from breast
  18. Fatigue
  19. Swelling especially on legs and feet.
  20. Desire to eat spicy and sour foods.
  21. Sleepiness or drowsiness.

In this page, we are going to discuss about signs of pregnancy and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Signs Of Pregnancy In Hindi
Istaqrar hamal hone per aurat mein mandarjah zeel tabdeelyan ya alaamat zahir hoti hain.

1.    Haiz Ka Rukjana    
Istaqraar hamal kay waqt aurat ko haiz yani mahwari aana band ho jati hai yeh barhi alaamat hai, baaz auraton ko pehlay teen mah mein thorha buhat aata hai, aur baaz ko sirf aik mah band honay kay baad phir shoro ho jata hai, lekin yeh haqiqat hai keh aik dafa haiz band zaroor hota hai.

2.    Matli Aur Qai Aana
Hamal thahernay kay teen chaar haftay baad hamlah aurat ki tabiyat mein susti aajati hai, gi matlane lagta hai, subha kay waqt khansi aati hai, aur qai bhi aanay lagti hai, yeh halat 14-15 haftay rahti hai. Lekin baaz auraton ko bachah jantay tak yahi halat rahti hai.

3.    Pastanon Ki Tabdeli
Istaqrar hamal kay baad hamla ki pastanon mein numaya tabdili aati hai.
Chati barhnay lag jati hai. Pastaanon kay ird gird kalay rung kay dairay ban jatay hain pastanon mein doodh aanay lagta hai yeh khaas alaamat hai keh aurat hamlah hai. Hamla kay cheray per siyahyan phail jati hain.

4.    Andaam Nehani Ki Halat
Andaam nehani se sufaid rang ki ratoobat nikalnay lagti hai. Raham ki jisamat pahlay say barhi ho jaati hai istaqrar hamal say pahlay is ka size
 2 ½ inch hota hai aur wazan ½ pao ho jata hai. Raham barhtay barhtay aathwain mahinay mien naaf say oper aajata hai. Naween mahinay mien shikam tak aajata hai.

5. Shikam Ki Halat
Istaqrar hamal kay chatay mahinay mein shikam ki deewar oper ko uthti hai. Is mein tanaao aajata hai. Shikam ki deewar per zardi maa’l lakeerain numayan hoti hain.

6. Jinion Ki Harkat
Bachay ki paidaaish jinion kay barhnay say hoti hai, yeh hamlah kay pait mien parwarish patay hain jinion 16-20 hafton mien harkat kanay lagta hai is ki harkat maa’n kay pait per haath say mahsoos ki jasakti hai.

7. Thook Aur Peeshab
Hamlah kay monh say bar bar thook aata hai munh Pani Say bhar jata hai, is kay sath sath isay peeshab kasrat say aur bar bar aanay lagta hai, hamla ki tabiyat bhojhal si mahsoos hoti hai, isay thakan aur thakawat rahnay lagti hai.
Signs Of Pregnancy In Urdu

Signs Of Pregnancy In Urdu  

Signs Of Pregnancy In Pakistan and India
Here you will find about signs of pregnancy news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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